• Life

   I oppose abortion. The Right to Life (liberty, and property) is guaranteed with the US Constitution. We must defend and speak for those who cannot speak up for their rights. No one has the right to end an innocent life, for any reason that isn’t a serious threat to the health or life of the mother. One may do as they wish with their life, but the unborn – without voice - deserve the same protection as the born, the right to life.

  • 2nd Amendment

   I support the 2nd Amendment. This nation was born and given life with arms that a tyrannical government attempted to confiscate. Our founders knew intimately the Republic could only be sustained with a free people, sufficiently armed to once again defend against an overbearing and encroaching government. The 2nd Amendment affirmed a God-given right of self-defense of man and country. A government will grow tyrannical when there is not a populous sufficiently armed to defend against tyranny.

  • Educational Choice

    I support school choice. Parents are the rightful guardians of their children’s education and future. As such, they are endowed by the Creator to determine, and decide the best opportunities to ensure the best avenues of development to assure a child's ability to ascend to an adult society, armed with the requisite knowledge and skills to be good and productive citizens.  

  • Taxes/Economy

      I support lower taxes and regulation. A strong economy ensures a strong America. Economic growth will not occur with abandon, and disregard for the environment and the labor that is the engine of the economy. With more dollars entering the economy to address legitimate government needs, there will be less need to raise any taxes.

  • Immigration 

      I oppose illegal immigration. Lawful immigration has long supported and grown this nation; helping to propel the nation to prosperity. Unlawful or illegal immigration has wrought havoc with significant costs to social and health support, law enforcement, education and assimilation of illegal foreign nationals in the dark. America needs to pursue legal immigration of those that can and will support strengthening the economy and American ideals and values.

  • Religious Freedom 

     I support the 1st Amendment. The freedom from persecution of religious practice and faith is the bedrock of America. All people are guaranteed freedom to practice their religion, and worship without hindrance or interference from the government. Efforts to vanquish religious freedom and displays only serves to disassemble our first freedom, the Constitution and rip the moral fabric that serves to build and strengthen our society and faiths. The decision to practice and display articles of faith is to be respected. Freedom of religion is not freedom from seeing it practiced.